Remote Church

Thank you for helping us with our weekly church services. This page was created to help you, the participant or the worship service coordinator, to upload your files to our Live Stream Team.

Note: please record your videos in landscape (Horizontal) rather than PORTRAIT (Vertical) mode. If you have already recorded, do not worry, we will still use the video.

Note: The footage needs to be submitted to our Live Stream Team before Thursday midnight of every week. The earlier you can get your segment done and sent to us the happier we'll be.

Upload to our Live Stream File Drop

This isn't as hard as you might think. Click HERE  and the upload website will begin to open. The website might take up 30 seconds to open depending on your internet speed.

Where the website says "Your Name" your name or the name of the portion of the service can be put here.

EX: For instance you might either put "Jared Spano" or "Sermon" / "Spano Family" or "Welcome & Prayer"

Once you've included your name you can add a file. On the computer you can either find your file by pressing "Add Files" and searching your computer for the file or drag and drop the file into the dashed box from file explorer or finder. If you're on a mobile device you'll need to press the "Add Files" button and add files from your video/photo gallery.

The upload will take anywhere from a minute to over an hour depending on the length of your video and your internet connection. Welcome & Prayer or Scripture will be very fast, Sermon and Song Service will take a longer time.

Computer User Warning: DO NOT let your computer fall asleep or the upload will fail.

Other Options

If you have your own network attached storage (NAS) feel free to use that and send us a link to download it to our email.

If you have a cloud service (iCloud, Google Drive, DropBox, Mega, OneDrive, ETC) you uploaded your footage to, send us a link to download it to our email.

If you would like to upload your video to YouTube we can download it from there too. Simply send us the link to the YouTube video to our email. Note: The video must be set to public.



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