Date Title Speaker
Dec 28 Attitudes of the Heart  (58:13) Shintell Izquierdo & Jared Spano
Dec 21 The Perfect Christmas Tree  (15:08) Joey Barajas
Dec 14 Do You Wish To Get Well?  (46:15) Jared Spano
Dec 7 If You Are Willing  (31:41) Jared Spano
Nov 30 Seat Open  (35:25) Joey Barajas
Nov 23 What Do We Get From Worship?  (39:19) Lowell Cooper
Nov 16 Put Me in Coach!  (25:30) Joey Barajas
Nov 9 The Eyes Have It!  (41:45) Jim Brackett
Nov 2 What Am I Missing Here?  (48:30) Jared Spano
Oct 26 Agonizomai (44:45) Richard Moller
Oct 19 Shaken to the Foundation (1:26:22) Wayne Blakely
Oct 12 Anti-Venom (58:34) Jared Spano
Oct 5 Message from the Heart (23:03) Jared Spano and Brian McMahon
Sept 28 The Lost Coin Brian McMahon
Sept 21 Overcoming Through the Word (No recording) Brian McMahon
Sept 14 How to Overcome Bitterness (No recording) Brian McMahon
Sept 7 Today is a Day of Good News (30:40) Partial recording Brian McMahon
Aug 31 Communion (No recording) Jared Spano and Joey Barajas
Aug 24 Build Pray Wait  (36:26) Shintell Izquierdo
Aug 17 The Bottom Line  (37:34) Phil Van Lanen
Aug 10 As Far As the East is From the West  (36:21) Jared Spano
Aug 3 Free the Captives  (53:10) Jared Spano
July 27 Front Row Seats  (1:15:21) Stephen Farr
July 20 Just When Hope Seemed Lost  (46:24) Jared Spano
July 13 Bringing Dagon Down  (28:10) Constance Spano
July 6 A Haven from Heaven  (29:43) Joey Barajas
June 29 Listening to God's Word  (33:24) Jan Urie
June 22 Camp Meeting (Four Who Cared and One Who Dared) Randy Roberts
June 15 Blood is Thicker than Water  (30:53) Joey Barajas
June 8 The Power of Little Things  (no recording) Jared Spano
June 1 Why I Believe in Evangelism  (44:21) Brian McMahon
May 25 The Stone That Brings the Giant Down  (46:03) Jared Spano
May 18

Your Story, His Glory  (52.40)

Minner Labrador
May 11 Look Ma!  No Hands!  (27:11) Joey Barajas
May 4 What to Do with Good News  (44:45) Jared Spano
Ap 27 Adventurers and Pathfinders Investiture (no recording)  
Ap 20 The Rhythm of Life  (24:32) Troy Morrison
Ap 13 Getting Ready for the Promised Land  (43:00) Jared Spano
Ap 6 The Only Thing Good in Me is Jesus  (28:38) Jared Spano
Mar 30 Blind Faith  (no recording) Richard Moller
Mar 23 ...but, if not...  (20:53 - missing first part) Lowell Cooper
Mar 16 The Part We Miss  (35:20) Jared Spano
Mar 9 Pathfinder Sabbath  (no recording) Pathfinders
Mar 2 (pm) This Is Going To Hurt:  Pain, Rebellion, Forgiveness and Triumph  (1:00:36) Jim Reynolds
Mar 2 Scattering Seeds in the Wind  (35:45) Jim Reynolds
Feb 23 Pray Big!  (14:27) Ezra Meharry, Jenna Wickland, Max Maldonado, Juan Collin, Benjamin Kakumba, Aveary Wu, Phil VanLanen
Feb 16 The Man with the Nasty Little Hand  (39:40) Jared Spano
Feb 9 The Signature of God  (56:57) Jared Spano
Feb 2 Homecoming  (sorry - no recording) Joey Barajas
Jan 26 Perfect Peace  (51:18) Holly Cooper
Jan 19 Can't Stop, Won't Stop  (35:39) Joey Barajas
Jan 12 Taste and See For Yourself  (32:27) Jared Spano
Jan 5 Subbed Out  (46:23) Jared Spano