At its meeting on May 17, 2021, the Church Board approved some changes to the Church’s re-opening policies and procedures. Washington State has relaxed its guidelines on the use of masks by people who are fully vaccinated. The requirement to practice social distancing at indoor services has also been discontinued for fully vaccinated persons. In response to the revised State guidelines the Church Board voted the following changes with immediate effect:


1. Use of masks by fully vaccinated persons is no longer required for attendance at worship services. Fully vaccinated persons have the freedom to make their own decision on whether or not to wear a mask while attending services at the Church.

2. Fully vaccinated persons are no longer required to observe social distancing while attending worship services at the Church. The relaxation of this requirement means that more people could attend worship services. Consequently, there will no longer be a requirement to make advance reservation in order to attend worship services. Nor will there be designated seating areas to preserve social distancing.


The Church does not plan to adopt a monitoring or verification system to determine who is eligible to attend services without wearing a mask. Instead, church members will be on the honor system for voluntary compliance with mask use and social distancing as it relates to vaccination status. The Board expresses appreciation for the excellent cooperation demonstrated thus far by church members and appeals to all for thoughtful, responsible, and respectful action in the days ahead as the Church moves in an orderly manner towards full resumption of Sabbath activities.






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