ONLINE Resources

Resources for Children & Families:

Upper Columbia Conference resources for kids and families:

Upper Columbia Conference Children's Ministry page:

Children's Ministry Magazine:

Loma Linda University Church  Click on connect – Sabbath School Groups – scroll to Ukids – then down to  Ideas for Beginners, Kindergarten, Primary

My Bible First related   

Youtube:  Type in Bible stories for kids—there are many choices

Your Story Hour:

Wee Sing Bible Songs:

2 Hours Non Stop Worship Songs 2019  - with lyrics

The Bible in Living Sound –  This site is selling the product but you can listen to a free story of Noah.


Lots of Sabbath activity ideas on Pinterest

Try: avonelisababeth/Sabbath-activities/ on pinterest

Resources for Young Adults:

Upper Columbia Conference young adults:

Resources for Adult Sabbath School:

Sabbath School Quarterly and related resources

Hope Sabbath School by Derek Morris



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