In the Word is a journey through the 66 Books of the bible, surveying God’s gracious work from creation to the cross to the consummation of time. Like a roadmap, In the Word will provide you with a big picture view of “The Greatest Story Ever Told.”

If there is one story that deserves to be told more than any other story dealing with planet Earth, it's the story the Bible tells. There are a lot of people out there that think they know what the Bible says, but the truth is that very few people read the Bible today. How can you know what it says unless you read it?

We can be overwhelmed by the Bible. It's a big book filled with hundreds of ancient stories and poetry and prophetic writings. It has all kinds of awkward and archaic language, and it's filled with seemingly absurd customs and names like Jehoshaphat, Methuselah. But the Bible is powerful. It's the Word of God. This book, above any other book ever written, has the power to change your life. It can transform our church, and it can transform our world, too. 

1 Peter 1:24 and 25 says it this way: “For all people are like grass and all their glory is like the flowers of the field; the grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of the Lord will endure forever.”

Do you want to be transformed by God's Word? Join us for In The Word and make these few commitments to 1) attend the weekly worship service, 2) read through the Bible, 3) have a regular family worship, and 4) align your life with God's Word. These are the commitments that undergird a strong spiritual life, a godly family, and a revitalized church. And as we are revitalized and strengthened by God's Word we can reach the world for Christ.

Will you join us?


Also, join us Wednesdays at 7 pm for a Q&A with the pastor, and some teaching on the week's Bible reading (beginning January 17, 2024).


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Bible Reading Room (Zoom)

Join members from around the inland northwest for a daily Bible reading (Sunday - Friday) from 8;30 - 10:30 pm, starting on January 12 where they will be reading and praying through the Bible. 

Here's the zoom link.

Meeting ID: 817 3750 6481
Passcode: 433052